ALS Release Policy

ALS Release


The Central Shenandoah EMS Council Medical Control Review Committee requires that certain ALS providers complete testing to be released to practice in the CSEMS region. ALS providers that require testing to be released are those that meet one or more of the following criteria.

  • Provider, not previously affiliated and released with a CSEMS Council licensed ALS EMS agency, that affiliates with a CSEMS Council licensed ALS EMS agency.
  • Provider that completes an ALS training program in a region other than the CSEMS Council region.

All ALS providers that require testing must complete a written examination based on the Central Shenandoah EMS Council Patient Treatment Protocols. A practical examination is also required if the time since completion of the training program for the current certification level exceeds one year.

Written and Practical Examination Guidelines

A provider shall pass the written examination with a minimum score of 80%. A provider shall pass the practical examination after performing satisfactorily based on established criteria for each particular skill station.

Retest Policy

A provider may have up to three attempts at the written and practical examinations. A minimum of 14 days must separate each retest attempt. A provider failing the practical examination but passing the written examination shall only repeat the practical testing. A provider failing the written examination but passing the practical examination shall only repeat the written examination.

A provider who has failed three attempts at the written and/or practical examinations shall be required to wait six months before attempting the examinations again.

Agency-Based Skill Testing

An EMS agency may conduct practical testing in-house provided such testing is done with oversight of the agency Operational Medical Director. In these cases, the EMS provider will only be required to complete the CSEMS Council administered written examination. The EMS agency will be required to attest the provider has satisfactorily completed practical testing on the ALS Provider Release Form.

ALS Provider Release Form (45 KiB, 967 downloads)

ALS Mentoring

Most regional EMS agencies require extensive mentoring with an ALS provider before being released. All providers with an upgraded certification or those who are new to the region are strongly encouraged to spend time with a CSEMS Council Regional Preceptor. The preceptors are experienced and trained providers who can offer a great deal of assistance and guidance to providers new to the region or those preparing to practice at a higher certification level.

Contact Us

ALS release testing is conducted by appointment only. For additional information on ALS provider release policies, contact the CSEMS Council.