2013 Excellence in EMS Winner

Peer PictureWayne Peer

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Wayne Peer has been intimately involved in Virginia’s EMS system for over 25 years.  Wayne has been a volunteer at Mt. Jackson Volunteer Rescue and Fire Department for the past 27 years.  In addition to his volunteer service, Wayne is also a Firefighter/Medic with Rockingham County Fire & Rescue.

While at Mt. Jackson, he has served in various leadership positions to include as captain, vice president and president of the organization.  Wayne is also a Firefighter/Medic with Rockingham County Fire & Rescue where he also served as the county’s Training Officer before transferring to Massanutten Technical Center to teach the Emergency Medical Technician program along with various firefighter courses for Rockingham County Public Schools.

From a regional perspective, Wayne continues to be active and serve in various roles with Central Shenandoah EMS Council.  Wayne is an approved regional preceptor, adjunct faculty for the Council’s accredited Intermediate training program, a member of the Medical Control Review Committee (MCRC), and a member of the Council’s Critical Stress Incident Management (CISM) team.  Wayne also serves as a Member-at Large on the Council’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors—at position he has held for the past nine years.  Wayne also serves as an instructor for the Council’s American Heart Association Training Center.

On the state level, Wayne has just completed a six year term with the Financial Assistance Review Committee (FARC) where he served as Chairperson of that committee from 2008 to 2012.  While on the FARC Committee, Wayne spent countless hours reviewing and grading grant requests for the Rescue Squad Assistance Fund.  Additionally, Wayne has actively participated in the state Recruitment and Retention Committee and the Consolidated Test Site Committee.  Currently, Wayne is a part-time employee of the Virginia Office of EMS serving as a Certification Examiner for both BLS and ALS certification exams.

Wayne’s active participation in Virginia’s EMS system at the local, regional and state level has provided him with a unique opportunity to not only serve but to be actively engaged in and help shape the future of the system.  Wayne is well known throughout the state.  He is highly regarded by his peers and he is dedicated to the success of Virginia’s EMS system.  He can be credited—in large part—for many of the successes of Rockingham County Department of Fire and Rescues EMS division.  For the past quarter century, Wayne has tirelessly worked and served Virginia’s EMS system at the local, regional and state level.  His contributions have helped shape and advance the EMS system as a whole.