Kevin Sperka Award

Kevin Sperka Memorial Award

Award Nomination Form

The Kevin Sperka Award was established during the May 1983 Executive Committee meeting of the CSEMS Council by a proposal of the Glasgow Life Saving and First Aid Crew. This award is offered annually to an outstanding young member, less than 25 years old, of one of the Council’s member crews. The award is in memory of Kevin Sperka, member of the Glasgow Life Saving and First Aid Crew, who died of cancer at the age of 21. It was established as a memorial to Kevin for the work he did with the Glasgow crew and his community, and to encourage other young rescue squad personnel to learn, work, and provide quality services to their communities. One individual will be selected each year to receive the Kevin Sperka Award. The presentation of the award will be made at the EMS Council’s annual meeting. The recipient will receive a plaque in his/her name, along with a $500 award.

AWARD ELIGIBILITY: Any individual with less than five (5) years in a rescue squad. Other qualifications include:

-Has training at the EMT level or above and additional training in other areas
-Holds an office in home rescue squad (Junior or Senior)
-Be active in home rescue squad
-25 years of age or younger
-Be active in other community affairs

Nominee Information

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Nominee's Qualifications & Award Justification

Describe the nominee’s qualities and contributions (local, regional and state) to EMS in Virginia. Why is the nominee exceptionally qualified? Why should the nominee be selected for an award? This is an important section and should be thoroughly addressed.

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Digital Photograph of the applicant must be emailed to Chad Blosser.

*Photo Required: A photo of the nominee must be included. Try to send a color photo (with good lighting) with just the nominee in it.

Important: Please send high resolution digital photos with 300 DPI or greater. Please do not send photos of I.D. badges. These are not high enough quality and do not show clearly when presented on a PowerPoint at the Governor’s EMS Awards ceremony. This will help assure the best image when used in publicity and printing.