2013 Nurse with Outstanding Contribution to EMS Winner

Karicofe PictureKrystal Caricofe

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Krystal Caricofe is an RN and Emergency Department Supervisor at RMH Healthcare in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Krystal is a tremendous asset to local EMS agencies served by RMH.  She acts as a liaison between RMH Healthcare Emergency Department and local EMS providers and agencies.  Krystal is highly knowledgeable of the needs of EMS providers since she has served as an active member of Mount Solon Rescue Squad for numerous years.

Krystal is open to suggestions and on many occasions she has been more than happy to look into requests made of the Emergency Department to better the experience of EMS providers when transporting to RMH Healthcare.  Most recently Krystal has been working with Rockingham County Fire & Rescue to implement a paperless reporting system that will enable EMS crews to decrease turnaround time at the ED thus allowing for quicker return time of EMS units to the field for additional calls for service.  Also, she has been working closely with our 12-lead transmission program to ensure timely receipt and review of transmitted data.

In her position as the Emergency Department Supervisor of RMH Healthcare, Krystal chairs the RMH Task Force which is a committee made up of hospital personnel and the members from the local EMS Community.  This forum is used to discuss matters involving the ED.  Her relationship with the local rescue agencies is always positive and she is quick to commend personnel on a job well done.  Any issues she does have are always dealt with in a timely and professional manner.

Krystal assists with the local performance improvement (PI) program along with providing feedback to EMS providers.  She has access to the local reporting program and often reviews call information to help better patient care and reporting by the providers.  Krystal is an advocate of EMS week and provides refreshments and prizes to EMS providers during that week.  Krystal is an incredibly talented and caring nurse and administrator who makes an impact on the local EMS system daily.