Outstanding EMS Administrator

Outstanding EMS Administrator

Award Nomination Form

AWARD CRITERIA: An individual who has demonstrated ability to organize, conduct, manage, problem solve and evaluate within his or her organization and, by exemplary leadership and administrative skills, improve the effectiveness, response and delivery of EMS.

ELIGIBILITY:Any person responsible for chairing, presiding over, supervising or administering EMS organizations and/or personnel in Virginia.

Nominee Information

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Nominee's Qualifications & Award Justification

Describe the nominee’s qualities and contributions to EMS in Virginia as a leader and administrator.

How has this nominee enhanced EMS for their agency, region or the state?

Provide data or specific supporting information where applicable.

Nominator Contact Information

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-Anyone may submit nominations for the Regional EMS Awards.
-For all categories the nomination may be based on a pattern of conduct/activities that has culminated in an exceptional improvement of the emergency medical services system in the locality, region or state.
-The nomination may also be based on a single unusual event that was beyond ordinary duty.
-The person making the nomination should have extensive knowledge of the nominee’s qualifications and carefully select the category that most appropriately matches the nominee’s accomplishments.
-The nominee must have current licensure or certification in the category in which he or she has been nominated.