2013 Outstanding EMS Agency Winner

Grottoes Volunteer Fire Department

Grottoes Picture

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Grottoes Volunteer Fire Department (GVFD) exemplifies outstanding professionalism and service to their community.  The leadership of GVFD understands and promotes the mantra that “professionalism has nothing to do with a pay check, but instead on how you conduct yourself on calls.”  GVFD agency leadership provides its members all the necessary tools to perform their job.   The fire house is their house and is treated as such.  Members take pride in their equipment, building and people.

The department strives to provide the most up-to-date equipment and follows current standards to provide their community with the best possible care.  GVFD takes EMS seriously and understands the important of their responsibility as a first response agency.  Statistically, GVFD rarely has a “no response”.  In fact, GVFD has a tremendous response time average and normally has more than enough help answering calls.  Many fire departments provide EMS care because they feel they have to.  At GVFD, members embrace this challenge and strive to excel in EMS—not to be glorified—but because it’s the right thing to do.

GVFD excels when it comes to community involvement.  The agency’s public relations committee works year round to sponsor and promote community events.  Grottoes is a smaller community which offers community events for the citizens.  GVFD participates in all community events sponsored by the town.

Some events offer safety awareness for community members through blood pressure check stations, Fire and EMS pamphlets, safety awareness in general.  GVFD sponsors a Christmas with Santa after the town parade and an Easter event with the bunny as well.  GVFD also offers a safe Halloween event for community children to attend.

GVFD also hosts two carnivals each year which is a great time for community members to see members and meet them among the citizens.  In addition to those events, GVFD will attend birthday parties for kids if asked, provide tours of the building, and welcome all to see the building and equipment that is offered to the community when in need.  GVFD firmly believes in having a relationship with the community and maintaining a positive reputation.