2013 Outstanding Pre-Hospital Educator Winner

Powell PictureJolene Powell

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Jolene Powell has been an EMS educator for over 10 years.  The level of commitment she gives to her students and the patients they will eventually encounter are commendable and admirable.  Jolene is a great example of the type of educator this profession needs.  She is the type of person who always “goes the extra mile” to ensure her students not only meet, but exceed the requirements of the EMS Education Standards. Much of her time is spent ensuring that each student is comfortable with their new found skills.

Jolene is very organized and she is the type of educator who ensures that classroom and practical skills time are run efficiently and effectively.  She always has the best interest of the student in mind.

Jolene recently accepted a position with the Fire and Rescue program at the Massanutten Technical Center in Rockingham County.  Under her leadership, this program has grown and she has taken the program to a new level.  Jolene has seen the program’s enrollment dramatically grow to the point that there is a waiting list for enrollment in the program next year.  It’s through Jolene’s tireless efforts and marketing of both fire and EMS programs at the Technical Center which had led to increased awareness and demand from students.

Jolene has set a very high standard for herself as an educator; her commitment and dedication to quality EMS instruction allows for her successes in the classroom.  Personally, Jolene takes time to ensure her skills are up-to-date by frequently attending continuing education classes as well as educator courses.  She is not one to be satisfied with just meeting a standard—she seeks out opportunities to ensure her students are provided the best possible didactic and psychomotor training while at the same time ensuring a positive and motivational learning experience.

Jolene has served in a variety of positions with Rockingham County’s Department of Fire & Rescue to include:  Firefighter/Medic, Lieutenant and her current assignment as Training Officer and educator at Massanutten Technical Center (MTC).  She teaches the Emergency Medical Technician program during the school year at MTC and conducts continuing education over the summer for both career and volunteer agencies.  She was an ALS Coordinator who transitioned over to the new EMS Education Coordinator certification at the state level and she serves as an instructor, regional preceptor and adjunct faculty with Central Shenandoah EMS Council. Jolene is always open to coaching and assisting EMS providers—regardless of their certification level.  Many ALS students have remarked on how much they enjoy running calls with Jolene in part because of her patience and willingness to help them achieve the required skills for their respective program.