2013 Physician with Outstanding Contribution to EMS Winner

Adam PictureNazir Adam, MD

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Dr. Nazir Adam is the Operational Medical Director (OMD) for Rockingham County and other surrounding localities.  True to Dr. Adam’s altruistic nature, he took on the responsibilities of OMD for Rockingham County and surround agencies, not because of money or notoriety, but because he has a special interest in EMS and wants to make a difference in his community.  Dr. Adam is more than just a physician and OMD, he is a friend, a teacher, a mentor and a man of strong family values.

If local EMS providers were asked to describe Dr. Adam, several adjectives would be used: efficient, polite, knowledgeable, outgoing, affable and approachable.  EMS personnel in the RMH Healthcare service area have been known to frequently express how lucky they are to have Dr. Adam as their OMD.

Dr. Adam understands the world of ‘emergency medical care’ from the time 911 is called all the way through a patient needing emergency surgery and subsequent discharge.  He is always willing to help EMS providers with training or advice; either by letting them shadow him in the emergency department or welcoming them into his home for advice.  When being shadowed he allows providers to perform skills on patients as it relates to their EMS skill level.

Dr. Adam works hand in hand with both the volunteers and career staff to ensure that they provide the best care to the local community.  He ensures that the EMS providers working under his license understand his expectations and provides them with the necessary tools in order to maintain those expectations.

Dr. Adam makes it a point to routinely visit the stations he is responsible for and has always made himself available for questions or concerns regarding any issues no matter great or small.  He is a wealth of knowledge and understands how to communicate this knowledge to EMS providers in a nonthreatening way.  One of his best attributes is that he is approachable.  EMS providers and patients alike are not intimidated when talking with him.

EMS providers are not the only ones who hold Dr. Adam in high regard.  The nurses that work with him daily in the emergency department have a great deal of respect for him and appreciate the way that he takes care of each patient with dignity and a high level of professionalism.   Dr. Adam is always a phone call away and readily provides his contact information to all EMS providers.  He is also actively involved with the Medical Control Review Committee at the Central Shenandoah EMS Council and works very closely with his colleagues assuring that the very best EMS care is provided throughout the region.  Dr. Adam further demonstrates his dedication by attending the EMS Symposium as frequently as possible.