2017 Outstanding EMS Physician

Asher Brand, M.D.

Dr. Asher Brand is being recognized as a physician with outstanding leadership and dedication to emergency medical services (EMS). He has been practicing as an attending emergency medical physician for over twenty years and has been involved in emergency medical services for over thirty years.

Dr. Brand currently serves as the regional medical director for agencies in the Central Shenandoah Region and he also serves as the operational medical director for numerous agencies. He serves agencies as small as Highland County Volunteer Rescue Squad and as large as PHI Air Medical. Dr. Brand is always patient and willing to teach no matter the situation. He lets his love for EMS and providing care to others show every day through his great dedication.

Dr. Brand goes above and beyond his role as an emergency physician and an operational medical director in spending countless hours educating, learning, and researching to improve pre-hospital care. Dr. Brand is always willing to volunteer his time to visit any agencies, even agencies where he does not serve as medical director, and share his knowledge and expertise. He also spends many hours traveling all over the state of Virginia, as well as various other places in the country to provide up-to-date education during pre-hospital medical conferences. Dr. Brand also spends much of his time researching past, current, and future medical care options in order to improve patient care.

Dr. Asher Brand has made many improvements and advances in emergency medical care during his time to include:

  • Introduction of cardiocerebral resuscitation (CCR),
  • Re-introduced and emphasized the importance of bleeding control and tourniquet use,
  • Added Tranexamic Acid (TXA) in regional drug boxes
  • Improved trauma care by working with PHI Air Medical to get blood products placed on all PHI helicopters, and most recently
  • focused on improving airway management and intubation in the pre-hospital setting.

Dr. Brand shows great dedication in the EMS setting to both providers and patients every day. Dr. Brand spends a large majority of his time in education and research to improve care in the pre-hospital setting. He has played a direct role in the development of many of the pre-hospital practices that are in use today. He is also still devoting much of his time to continuing to improve the EMS system. Because of his great dedication, innovation, and leadership in EMS, we are pleased to recognize Asher Brand as the 2017 Outstanding EMS Physician.

Award Background:

An award given to an EMS physician who exemplifies outstanding leadership and dedication in the exercise of pre-hospital care.