2017 Outstanding Pre-Hospital Provider

Nicole Showalter

The winner of the 2017 Outstanding Pre-hospital Provider award goes to Nicole Showalter.  Nicole is affiliated with three EMS agencies in our region: Mt. Solon Fire & Rescue, Staunton Augusta Rescue Squad and Augusta County Fire Rescue.

Nicole’s love of EMS is demonstrated by the fact that she took her EMT course with her father while 16 years old.  Not only did she excel in class but she quickly gained experience as the newest member of the squad through dedication and commitment.

After turning 18, she was eligible to become an AIC and she quickly rose to the top as the member who ran the most calls as a released provider.

Her dedication and drive led her to become Junior Captain of the rescue squad, a position she still holds.  In addition to serving her hometown, she branched out to the nearest metropolitan rescue agency to volunteer her services.

A small town girl in a large city, Nicole’s acuity and skills helped her gain the trust and respect of the membership of this new organization.  Nicole has demonstrated an amazing dedication to EMS and her community and her dedication has paid off helping her exceed the expectations of the average provider.

Nicole has an open and amazing future in any EMS position she chooses to hold.  Wherever, and in whatever capacity she cares for patients, Nicole is the complete professional. She is absolutely dedicated to continuing to provide quality care and above all maintain a positive attitude with coworkers, patients and hospital staff.

Award Background:

This award is open an individual who exemplifies outstanding dedication and service to his or her community through involvement with EMS.