Critical Incident Provider Support

Emergency care can take a psychological toll on providers.  Therefore, Central Shenandoah EMS Council coordinates a Critical Incident Stress Management team (CISM).

This team helps emergency workers by
providing Critical Incident Stress Defusings, Debriefings and peer support. The team consists of mental health professionals and emergency providers across all avenues of public safety who have taken special training.

To activate the CIPS Team, call 540-324-5083.

This is service is available anywhere in our region for any situation you deem necessary.


The Central Shenandoah Critical Incident Provider Support Team provides services to community Emergency Services Workers, including police, Fire and Rescue (EMS) personnel. The overall goal of the Team is promoting staff health, mental health and retention. Prevention of critical incident stress reactions and cumulative stress difficulties, along with the reduction in frequency, intensity and duration of stress-related problems are the Team’s objectives.

For additional information contact the office at 540-886-3676.

Want to be part of the team?

Click here to see what is required and to complete an online application to be considered for membership on the Council’s CIPS Team.

Mental Health and Well Being App

Click HERE to download CSEMS Lighthouse App

With the overwhelming rise in job-related stress, growing media scrutiny, increased focus on public safety suicides, and the reality and fear of senseless line-of-duty deaths, it is more important than ever that all first responders have access to health and wellness resources. Lighthouse is accessible via the web as well as via iOS and Android applications. This puts the tools public safety officers need literally at their fingertips.

CISM Downloads

CIPS Guidelines & Protocol


CSEMS CIPS for First Responders in the Time of COVID-19

COVID-19: Understand and Identify Burnout and Secondary Traumatic Stress

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