Patient Care Protocols

Reference Documents

Instructional Videos for Protocol Document Usage (Offline access)

While working on a mobile app solution, CSEMS Staff will provide updates to AcidRemap, makers of the Paramedic Protocol Provider App as changes are made. We hope this will help with some of the loading lag time issues associated with Google Docs.

Note: CSEMS does not recommend using hard copy (printed) versions of the protocol document. The electronic format will enable more frequent protocol updates, preventing the future need for “major” protocol revisions.

Protocol Training

Each agency’s medical director is responsible for credentialing providers and authorizing practice. Please check with your medical director to determine if your agency is using the regional training program. Completion of the online modules available through CSEMS does not replace the medical director’s responsibility to verify provider competency. Verification of competency through the agency’s established clearance process must be documented in accordance with 12VAC5-31-1040. Operational medical director authorization to extend privileges for EMS practice.

For those using the CSEMS Online Training Modules, you can enroll using a free Gmail Account through the link below:

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