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Reference Documents

Note: CSEMS does not recommend using hard copy (printed) versions of the protocol document. The electronic format will enable more frequent protocol updates, preventing the future need for “major” protocol revisions.

Does your agency have Supplemental Protocols specific to your providers? Upload them below and we will add them to the app.

Protocol Training

Each agency’s medical director is responsible for credentialing providers and authorizing practice. Please check with your medical director to determine if your agency is using the regional training program. Completion of the online modules available through CSEMS does not replace the medical director’s responsibility to verify provider competency. Verification of competency through the agency’s established clearance process must be documented in accordance with 12VAC5-31-1040. Operational medical director authorization to extend privileges for EMS practice.

Continuing Education Credit is not currently available through CSEMS for protocol modules. Please contact your agency’s training officer for information on obtaining CE credit prior to starting the modules.

For those using the CSEMS Online Training Modules, you can enroll using a free Gmail Account through the link below:

Click Here to Access Google Classroom (classroom.google.com) and enter the code below…or simply click on the links below to go directly to the appropriate course.

SAMPLE Provider Clearance/Authorization to Practice Forms

At the request of agencies in the region, we have provided SAMPLE Authorization to Practice forms to assist in meeting the new “Red Dot” documentation requirements for scope of practice. These forms have been reviewed by the OEMS Division of Regulation and Compliance as meeting the standard, and address the EMT1/EMT2 items in CSEMS local protocols. Forms include some skills that are not in regional protocols, because we have agencies that have implemented agency supplements. The forms are fillable with drop-down menus for provider level (EMT) and whether you use Regional, Agency, or Regional with agency supplemental protocols. The forms are in “protected” mode, but are not password protected. Agencies may adapt the form to meet local needs, and add your agency letterhead (see regulations on page 2 of the form for requirements). Please submit a helpdesk ticket (below) if you need any assistance. Remember this is an AGENCY-SPECIFIC requirement, and cannot be met by a regional document. Each provider must have specific authorization to practice by the agency’s medical director, and the record of training must be in each employee’s file. Formulary medications added to forms on 6.27.2022.

If you are not able to make these deadlines, please request a Variance from the Office of EMS using the following instructions:

  • To submit an agency variance request, your agency’s OEMS Portal SuperUser must login to the agency’s OEMS portal account. On your agency’s profile page, on the bottom right corner is the Exceptions screen. Please click the (+) sign and select the exception type of Variance and submit your request there. 
  • The system requires you to upload a resolution document. For the purpose of this request, you can create a word document on your agency’s letterhead detailing your request and upload that and mark it as your “resolution” document. 
  • Then click the submit button in the top right hand corner.

CSEMS Regional Trauma Triage Plan

Under the Code of Virginia § 32.1-111.3, The Office of Emergency Medical Services acting on behalf of the Virginia Department of Health has been charged with the responsibility of maintaining a Statewide Trauma Triage Plan.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Agencies are required by EMS Regulation 12 VAC 5-31-390 to follow triage plans. This regional plan was developed for use by agencies and hospitals in the Central Shenandoah EMS region, and follows the guidelines set forth in the Statewide plan, and addresses prehospital and inter-hospital patient transfers.

Download the CSEMS Regional Trauma Triage Plan

Download the CSEMS Regional MCI Plan (Currently in revision)

Download the CSEMS Regional EMS Plan (Currently in revision)

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