Be a Volunteer

csems_sportpack_2colorVOLUNTEERS make everything we do every day possible and many of our agencies are in critical need of your help! We count on the friendliness, teamwork and dedication of effective and efficient staff to keep our operations running smoothly 24/7 and 365.

Of course. we always need people who want to respond to calls to help the sick and injured In their community.  But you may not know that we also always need volunteers around to do the other life-saving work (and don’t require any training) like keeping the equipment in good working condition, ensuring the our properties stay maintained, assisting in public education and awareness of what we do, and making sure our fund raising efforts stay on track and are successful-just to name a few. You can put your expertise or experience in any field to work for us, and you’ll be saving lives, one volunteer at a time.