An Update on Regional Protocols

Thank you to all who have been providing feedback on the protocols and the protocol education. We wanted to provide a few updates on things we have been doing to aid in the transition:

  • With the End of Life status (8/31/21) of Blackboard’s Coursesites program, and no firm date on the rollout of the OEMS Blackboard LMS, our staff began migrating the protocol course to Google Classroom.
  • Feedback has been very positive on the experience with Google Classroom! However, we did identify some script problems in the certificate generator that warranted correction. Becky Anhold and Daniel Linkins have been working through each calculation to assure accurate generation of reports. This was migrated from a certificate of completion to a Transcript of Training. This will aid agency officers in identifying specifically which modules have been completed, as there may be additional modules added in the future. EMT Transcripts are now being generated, and up-to-date transcripts have been issued for all participants enrolled in the Google Classroom version. AEMT and Intermediate versions are still being addressed, and will be generated very soon. You may still complete the coursework, but there may be a delay in generating the transcripts.
  • No more waiting for an invitation! On our protocol page of the CSEMS website at www.csems.org/protocols, you will now find information for enrolling in the Google Classroom-based Protocol Orientation. Please check with your agency’s training officer, as not all agencies are using the CSEMS training modules.
  • While it is still our goal to develop a native EMS App that will house our protocols, this process is not a quick one. Many providers are using the Paramedic Protocol Provider App from Acid Remap, so we will provide them with updates as updates are made to the protocols. If you are using this app, your protocols should remain up-to-date. However, this app does not support the hyperlink functions (interactivity) of the Google Document, and is not available for Windows devices.