Augusta Health Begins Phase 2: Please Note Ambulance Traffic Update


As Augusta Health begins Phase 2 of our construction process at the Emergency Department, we knew that the ambulance traffic was going to have to be reworked.  We were not expecting the fencing to the ambulance circle to go up for 2 more weeks, but it went up today.  With the circle being unavailable, police parking is being redirected to the pull off spaces near the helipad, opening up the area in front of the PET Scanner for ambulance parking. When bringing a patient into the department, please pull in toward the center circle of grass and back into one of the 2 parking spots to unload.  We ask that you move your unit down to one of the parking spots in front of the PET Scanner as soon as possible to allow other ambulances to back in close to the door.  There may be times when you will need to pull straight into one of the side parking spots and unload your patient if both spaces are being utilized. We ask that you utilize the side spots when transporting ambulatory and/or low acuity patients when possible. We will keep up updated if there are any changes to this process.  Phase 2 will be completed in February of 2019.

With the opening of our new space the clerical staff have found it extremely difficult to keep up with all of their responsibilities in addition to the extra travel they need to do to get patient information for registration.  They have been asking for name and date of birth when you arrive at the charge nurse desk with the patient.  This has been very helpful for them and making the process much more efficient.  Please try to have that information available for them when you arrive.

We apologize for the inconvenience this causes you!

Have a great week!

Donna Hurst, BSN,RN, CEN, NR-EMTP
Operations Manager

Emergency Services

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