Augusta Health: Letter to EMS/Fire Regarding Renovation




June 29, 2017

Dear Providers,

I am sure that you have already heard that the Emergency Department at Augusta Health has been planning for an expansion of our department followed by a renovation of our current space for the past year.  We have already begun the internal work that has to be completed in order to assure that there is no impact to our patient care and little to no impact on accessibility of the patient entrances.  The entire project is scheduled for completion in July of 2019.

During this time, in order for the flow of all of our patients to be minimally impacted, we will be making changes that affect you beginning Monday, July 10th at 0700.  Here is an outline of the changes for emergency patient access (all patients entering the ED):

  1. The ambulance entrance and ambulatory patient drop off will all take place in the current ambulance drop off circle.  Lines have already been painted to designate the travel path of your ambulances and private vehicles.  Ambulance drop off will be the lane closest to the building with private vehicle drop off being in the lane closest to the grassy island.
  2. There are markings to show where private vehicle patients can cross the ambulance lane.  We ask that you pull up around the circle as you do now, not blocking the ambulatory patient path, to leave space behind you for others to come in.  We also ask that if you have to leave your unit for additional time that you pull it into the designated spaces where the police parking currently is.  (See attachment AH ED Temporary Traffic Plan).
  3. You will no longer enter the emergency department through the doors you currently use.  Instead, you will enter the doors to the right, where currently non-emergency transport ambulances park to load and unload.  The doors will be labeled “Ambulance Entrance”.
  4. You will enter the emergency department through the first set of sliding doors on the left.  A key pad has been placed at the glass door entrance and the wooden sliding door entrance so you can access the department.  You will use the same agency number for the codes that you do currently.
  5. Once in the department, place follow the hallway to the charge nurse desk and let them know you are there prior to placing your patient in the room.
  6. Cleaning and replacing linen will take place in the hallway you use currently.
  7. Exiting will be through the same path you entered the department.

For Non-Emergency access (patients being direct admissions or discharges):

  1. The non-emergent ambulance and wheelchair entrance for patient pick up and drop off will be relocated through the double glass sliding doors on the Ground Floor between Pharmacy and the Crossroads Behavioral health Unit.  (See attachment AH ED -Exterior Site Changes).
  2. Access will be from the Heart and Vascular parking lot.  Parking will be along the sidewalk in the area highlighted in yellow on the map.  (See attachment AH ED -Exterior Site Changes).
  3. You will enter the hospital through the double glass sliding doors.  A key pad has been placed at the glass door to use for entering and exiting the hospital.  You will use the same agency number for the codes that you do currently.
  4. You can access the patient tower from the elevator just inside the door.

This flow of traffic will be in place with minimal changes for the first 12–14 months of construction.  It is our hope that this plan will minimize inconveniences on you as you deliver your patients into our care.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have as we go through this process.

Best regards,


Donna Hurst, BSN,RN, CEN, NRP
Operations Manager Emergency Services
Augusta Health
78 Medical Center Drive
Fishersville, VA  22939
(540) 332-4847 PHONE
(540) 332-4799 FAX