Blue Ridge Poison Control – Provides Magnets, Stickers and Keychain Tags for Agencies to Distribute to Public

Agencies are encouraged to stop by the CSEMS office and pick up poison control informational magnets, stickers and keychain tags donated by Blue Ridge Poison Control (BRPC) for agencies to distribute to the public. We encourage public and patient education on the dangers of poison and to be prepared to call in case of emergency.

Please contact the CSEMS office and let us know when you would like to stop by to pick up your agency supply today!

Nearly 20% of our hotline calls are from healthcare professionals. Studies show that patients managed with poison center consultation experience shorter hospitalizations and better outcomes. (The Lewin Group Inc., 2017)

What Information Can the BRPC Provide EMS Providers?

  • Drug interactions.
  • Ranges of toxicity.
  • Kinetics.
  • Effects of toxins on pregnancy.
  • Decontamination recommendations.
  • Guidance for antivenin or other expensive antidote administration.
  • Pill identification.
  • Identification of chemicals that may be hazardous to first responders and providers.
  • Toxidrome identification.
  • Advice during public health events or concerns (i.e., water supply contamination, recalls, bioterrorism attacks, etc.)
  • Emerging substances of abuse expertise.
  • Poison Centers are able to assist in determining medical clearance of psychiatric patients as defined by law.

BRPC monthly NEWS BULLETIN for healthcare providers

Additional Poison Control Informational Flyers from BRPC are available online. Help spread the information in your community!

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