COVID-19 Protocol Update

For agencies using CSEMS regional protocols, Online Medical Control is no longer required for nebulized medications. Full PPE is required and effective during administration of nebulized medication, and providers should assure adequate ventilation, including keeping the exhaust fan on high with the HVAC on high in non-recirculating mode (See Transport Precautions). CSEMS COVID-19 Supplemental Protocol […]

Drug Box Alert! 3ml Syringes with 21G needle – no safety needle

Augusta Health is having trouble getting any gauge safety needle.  Most products are on backorder.  Select regional boxes may now contain 3ml syringes with a 21G precision glide needle attached.  These are not safety needles.  As soon as the backorder resolves the pharmacy will go back to the preferred product. Please use caution and follow […]

VACCINES ARE COMING! Medical Directors in the CSEMS region join forces with the Central Shenandoah Health District for a Virtual COVID-19 Town Hall for EMS Providers

Watch the recorded presentation below! Post expires at 9:56am on Sunday January 31st, 2021

Visitor Policy Changes at SRMH

In light of the recent surge in COVID cases in our area, the SRMH ED visitor policy has changed.  Please relay this to your crews as they work with patients and communicate with family members. Visiting: Emergency Department: No visitors.  Exceptions will be given for end-of-life patients, patients who are minors, elderly patients with dementia, and […]

New Protocols Released for Preview – Implementation scheduled for Fall 2020

We are proud to introduce the brand new CSEMS Regional Protocols for preview. This preview period is an opportunity for providers to become familiar with the protocols before they are implemented this fall. Educational support will be provided before implementation, and is being developed over the next few months. This document is not just a […]

T-Mobile – Connecting Heroes: FREE Unlimited Service for First Responder Agencies

Keeping our First Responder Agencies Connected T-Mobile is providing first responder agencies with the FREE nationwide 5G access they need, helping these frontline heroes at the most critical times. T-Mobile is Pledging $7.7B Over the Next 10 Years We know first responder agencies face tough budget decisions, but they shouldn’t have to decide between critical […]