Drug Box Alert! 3ml Syringes with 21G needle – no safety needle

Augusta Health is having trouble getting any gauge safety needle.  Most products are on backorder.  Select regional boxes may now contain 3ml syringes with a 21G precision glide needle attached.  These are not safety needles.  As soon as the backorder resolves the pharmacy will go back to the preferred product. Please use caution and follow […]

Drug Box Alert!!!

ATTN: ALS Providers Due to shortages in 18g medication administration needles, some pharmacies may replace regular 18g needles with 18g blunt tip fill needles in regional drug boxes. These are use for drawing up and reconstituting medications, but may NOT be used for medication administration (IM injection). Please be sure to check your needles before […]

Drug Box Decontamination Process Released

Please review the documents at the link below. We have developed a drug box decontamination process in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Providers should be familiar with the process and will be required to sign a statement that this process has been strictly followed when exchanging drug boxes. Provider Checklist/Flowchart Provider Certification Statement Combined Checklist and […]