Certadose Memo

Epinephrine for EMT Providers In The CSEMS Region

To: CSEMS EMS Agencies
From: Asher Brand
Subject: Epinephrine Auto Injectors And Certadose
Date: 6/17/19

This memo is to clarify an earlier communication from CSEMS regarding Certadose and Epinephrine Auto-injectors.

  1. Certadose is an alternative for trained EMT’s to provide Epinephrine to children and adults with anaphylaxis.  It is an alternative to adult and pediatric epinephrine auto-injectors (EpiPen).
  2. CSEMS will maintain protocols for auto-injectors and Certadose.  Switching to Certadose is not mandatory but training for it is strongly recommended as it will provide your agency with alternative ways to stock epinephrine on EMS apparatus.
  3. One box of Certadose provides 2 doses of Epi for either a child or an adult, so in effect it replaces 4 epinephrine auto-injectors.

Our understanding from the Certadose folks was that a box would cost about $80 with a two-year shelf-life.  Please let us know if you are being given quotes that are higher than that.