CSEMS – R.U.S.H. Initiative

The Rare and Under-Served Healthcare for Children (R.U.S.H.) Initiative was initiated by Beyond Lucid Technologies and Thorne Ambulance Service with a goal of replicating this program across the country. Merging technology with the passionate efforts of EMS Providers and Agencies seeking to address health equity gaps among children in underserved communities or with special health care needs, R.U.S.H., this collaborative brings together stakeholders from education, healthcare, and community to “connect the dots” of various support resources for those in need. With a voluntary registry where parents can share critical information with healthcare providers, local resources to address individual needs, and dedicated members of the community, we aim to reduce barriers to health and health care access one child at a time. Click the RUSH graphic to view more on the vision for the RUSH Initiative.

The Central Shenandoah EMS Council is excited to partner with Rockingham County Fire-Rescue on this exciting initiative in the CSEMS Region. If your child has special healthcare needs, and need assistance, please let us know. As we build resources and establish foundations, you can use the form below to connect with us and join the R.U.S.H. Initiative.  A member of our team will reach out to you, discuss your needs, and begin working to build a network of support with regional partners. This initiative is currently only available in Rockingham County, Virginia. 

In August 2023, our team of dedicated partners launched the “Kids of VaLR.” We believe connecting children, especially those with special health needs, and their families with healthcare professionals in real-time empowers them to live the healthiest lives possible, with equity and dignity. VaLR stands for the Virginia Life Registry, something we hope will be replicated in other communities in the future.

Below is a request form for UniteUs enrollment, that allows our staff to connect you with additional resources in the community. You can also register directly in the Kids of VaLR registry directly at cs.rushforchildren.org

NOTE:  When completing the form below, click “Individual and Family Support” under the type of services you are requesting, and state that you are interested in the “Kids of VaLR Registry” in the description.