Regional Planning Documents

Regional Drug Box Program Best Practices – Spring 2016

The Regional Drug Box Program Best Practices relates to the use of the CSEMS regional drug and IV kits. These best practices serve to provide regional guidance on the acquisition, storage, usage and maintenance of the drug box system. Local pharmacies may issue policies that supersede or supplement these best practices. The success of the regional drug box program is based on the full understanding and support of the system by EMS providers, hospital pharmacists, Operational Medical Directors and emergency department attending physicians.

Ambulance Restocking by Hospitals Policy – Winter 2017

This policy pertains to all participating licensed EMS agencies and all licensed EMS vehicles operated by these agencies, and all participating hospitals within the Central Shenandoah EMS Region.  The policy provides a means of maintaining essential emergency medical supplies on regional EMS ambulances through a one-for-one exchange system with area hospital emergency departments and hospital pharmacies.

Hospital Diversion Protocols – Winter 2017

This policy applies to all acute care hospitals and EMS agencies providing ambulance transportation as defined in the Virginia EMS Regulations.  The policy maintains an orderly, systematic and appropriate distribution of emergency patients transported by ambulances during a single or multiple hospital diversion situation.

Mass Casualty Incident Plan–  Winter 2017

The goal of the Central Shenandoah Emergency Medical Services Council (CSEMS) Mass Casualty Incident Plan is to prepare on a regional basis for a unified, coordinated and immediate emergency medical services (EMS) mutual aid response by pre-hospital and hospital agencies to, and the effective emergency medical management of, the victims of any type of Mass Casualty Incident (MCI). It includes patients who are involved in any emergency evacuation of any health care facility in the CSEMS Council region and/or any such facility outside the region that is a signatory to the CSEMS MCI Plan’s Memorandum of Understanding.

Regional EMS Plan  – Winter 2017

The Regional EMS Plan provides strategies and initiatives to help guide the regional council Board of Directors and staff in areas which need improvement or require new CSEMS Council involvement over a multi-year period.

Stroke Triage Plan – Summer 2017

The purpose of the Stroke Triage Plan is to establish a uniform set of criteria for the prehospital and inter-hospital triage and transport of acute stroke patients. This plan augments the State Stroke Triage Plan, acknowledging and addressing variations in regional EMS and hospital resources. This Stroke Triage Plan addresses patients experiencing an “acute stroke.” For the purposes of this document, “acute stroke” is defined as any patient suspected of having an acute cerebral ischemic event or stroke with the onset of any one symptom within a three hour period. The primary focus of the plan is to provide guidelines to facilitate the early recognition of patients suffering from acute stroke and to expedite their transport to a Designated Stroke Center able to provide definitive care within an appropriate time window.

Trauma Triage Plan – Spring 2017

The Regional Trauma Triage Plan provides a uniform set of proposed criteria for prehospital and inter-hospital triage and transport of trauma patients in the Central Shenandoah EMS Council region. The development and monitoring of these criteria is performed by the State Trauma Triage Performance and Improvement Committee which is a subcommittee of the Governor’s Advisory Board Trauma System Oversight and Management Committee and the CSEMS Council Medical Control Review Committee.

Performance Improvement Plan – Fall 2016

The Regional Performance Improvement Plan is established by the Performance Improvement Committee (PI), under direction of its Medical Control Review Committee (MCRC).  This Committee is responsible for assuring and improving the quality of pre-hospital medical care within CSEMS region by assessing adherence to regional patient care protocols; identify and a resolving educational needs of the region’s EMS providers; and monitoring and making recommendations to the Performance Improvement Committee related to EMS system issues.

Trauma Performance Improvement Plan – Fall 2016

The Regional Trauma Performance Improvement Plan is developed by the Trauma Performance Improvement Committee (TPI), under direction of its Medical Control Review Committee (MCRC).  This committee  is responsible for assuring and improving the quality of pre-hospital trauma care within CSEMS region, and for monitoring compliance with state and regional Trauma Triage Plans for both field-to-hospital and inter-hospital transfer of trauma patients.