CSEMS 2020 Regional EMS Award Winners – Presented LIVE on Facebook

Congratulations to all of CSEMS 2020 Regional EMS Award Winners – Presented LIVE on Facebook!

As most plans and events in 2020 have required some creative adaptation due to COVID-19, this year’s award presentations were much different than ones in the past. Throughout the week of Monday, August 10, 2020 – Wednesday, August 12, 2020 our CSEMS Award Patrol traveled the region, unannounced, surprising and presenting awards to the winners at or near their place of work and volunteerism.

We would like to thank the CSEMS Board of Directors, all of the Award Nomination Committees, and all of those that made nominations and wrote letters of support to recognize EMS leaders, providers and agencies for their excellent work throughout the last year.

We encourage you to start working on nominations for next year!


Everyone who works with Jacob Flickinger can immediately feel his passion for helping others and passion for EMS education. He has broken the stereotype that educators are disconnected from the most up-to-date information by continuing to be an active provider. Jacob also contributes time working with the CSEMS Council Protocol Workgroup Committee and the Medical Control Review Committee. The work that Flickinger has done not only exemplifies his dedication to his agency, Augusta County Fire-Rescue, but the EMS profession and its community.
Watch Jacob’s LIVE Award presentation on Facebook here!

Jill Young has worked in the emergency department for more than 20 years and is always a true patient advocate, working with EMS to ensure the best patient care. She serves as the Unit Coordinator in the Emergency Department at Sentara RMH and previously served as a preceptor for nursing and EMS students for a number of years. Jill continuously communicates with EMS providing feedback and insight to her patients’ needs. Her passion for nursing, a great sense of humor and compassion motivates everyone around her to strive to achieve their best.
Watch Jill’s LIVE Award presentation on Facebook here!

Division Chief Steve Powell has proven to be an exemplary leader in managing the EMS system in Rockingham County. Steve has provided protocol development and a multitude of training programs, including accredited EMS courses for both BLS and ALS providers. Steve continues as a lead role in collaborative efforts with local emergency services during the COVID-19 pandemic. His continued leadership and guidance has enabled the Rockingham County Fire-Rescue Department to provide effective and efficient delivery of EMS services.
Watch Steve’s LIVE Award presentation on Facebook here!

The City of Waynesboro Fire Department is continuously building community involvement and safety awareness including regular public education events providing free CPR and first aid training, station tours, home inspections and free smoke detectors. They provide a car seat installation program and fire and EMS education at their local community schools.
Watch City of Waynesboro Fire Department’s LIVE Award presentation on Facebook here!

Chris Moyer conceptualized and created a Sensory Kit Program for Augusta County Fire-Rescue (ACFR) recognizing Autistic patients needs. It’s the first of its kind in the Central Shenandoah EMS Council Region. Chris’s ability to lead and organize change, will prove to be a great resource for the development of this program, even beyond ACFR.
Watch Chris’s LIVE Award presentation on Facebook here!

Dennis Albertson is incredibly committed to providing the best possible program to his students. His courses teach beyond the book to include life experience in the EMS field creating competent EMS providers. He is known to arrive early and stay late on a regular basis, providing whatever it takes to make programs successful. His commitment never waivered during COVID-19 as he continues to adapt his teaching techniques in order to continue to provide the education his students deserved.
Watch Dennis’s LIVE Award presentation on Facebook here!

Aaron Bunch goes out of his way to ensure great care is given to everyone. He provides reassurance and comfort in the way that people need, something that a lot of people overlook in EMS. His mentorship of students is always above and beyond. Aaron looks not only at now, but the future and is helping move us all forward in EMS.
Watch Aaron’s LIVE Award presentation on Facebook here!

Asher Brand is an approachable wealth of knowledge and experience, eager to support and constantly encouraging EMS providers across multiple regions. His charismatic approach is only second to his need for providing the best possible patient care for every patient.
Watch Dr. Asher Brand’s LIVE Award presentation on Facebook here!

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Matt Lawler has been a key leader with the CSEMS region. Matt provided daily agency briefings and a Unified Guidance Document outlining regional, local and hospital protocols to keep providers up to date on the COVID-19 response expectations. Matt worked endlessly researching with many collaborative efforts to develop the regional Surge Plan for the Staunton-Augusta-Waynesboro region. Matt’s dedication to his work is unwavering, which was amplified during this time of crisis.
Watch Matt’s LIVE Award presentation on Facebook here!

Jordyn O’Hare loves the atmosphere of being able to help people in different types of situations in her community. “I want to be able to give back,” she stated. She believes that you can never know all there is to know and looks forward in continuing her healthcare education at Liberty University.
Watch Jordyn’s LIVE Award presentation on Facebook here!

Madelyn Ann Scott attended Leadership Integrity and Trailblazing Camp with Harrisonburg Fire Department and Rockingham Fire Rescue. She was the first camper to receive Firefighter I, Firefighter II, Hazmat Awareness and EMT certification. Madelyn Ann embodies leadership, humility and compassion in her everyday life and is a major contributor to her community. She plans a future career in EMS following her dad’s footsteps as a compassionate and caring paramedic.  
Watch Madelyn Ann’s LIVE Award presentation on Facebook here!


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