Drug Box Alert

Drug Box Alert!

The new combined Medication kits in recent weeks stocked by Augusta Health’s Pharmacy have been distributed with reduced amounts of 1mg/10mL prefilled syringes of Epinephrine (IV Dose) and 100mg/5mL prefilled syringes of Lidocaine.  If you encounter a box with a reduced amount of Epinephrine, and require more, you can dilute your 1mg/1mL (IM/SC dose) Epinephrine (ampule or vial) to increase your supply.  Instructions for diluting are posted below.  The supplied amount of Lidocaine should be adequate for two (2) cardiac doses in most patients. If you have any questions or concerns during a call, contact online medical control for guidance.

Augusta Health is working to correct the issue as kits are exchanged. 

This does not affect CT Boxes in distribution. 

Diluting Epinephrine for IV Use

To make 1mg/10mL Epinephrine from 1mg/1mL, draw 9mL of NS and 1mL of 1mg/1mL Epinephrine in a 10mL syringe to achieve 1mg/10mL IV use Epinephrine. 

When you encounter one of these boxes, please submit an Incident Report HERE