Drug Box Alert #220121

Scope of Impact: CT boxes and new Combined Boxes

Provider Levels: Intermediate, Paramedic

Details: Hospitals are experiencing shortages on some drugs. Current known status is as follows:

Augusta Health is currently experiencing a shortage of lidocaine and amiodarone. This is expected to last through the middle of February. Boxes missing these drugs should be marked on the reference card on the top (or an alert sticker for old boxes). If you encounter a box missing these drugs, move to the next step in the algorithm. If you have further questions, please contact your agency medical director or online medical control.

Sentara RMH is experiencing a shortage of calcium gluconate, epinephrine prefilled syringes, and magnesium sulfate (1mL vials).

  • Calcium gluconate will be replaced with calcium chloride. See medication reference for appropriate dosing and indications/contraindications.
  • Epinephrine for IV use can be mixed in a 10cc syringe by drawing 1mL of epinephrine (1mg/1mL) with 9mL of NaCL (normal saline).
  • Magnesium sulfate will be provided, but in a 10mL vial, rather than 1mL. Please use caution in dosing and double check your calculation
  • D10W is only available in 500mL bags. Note volume available when administering.