EMS Agenda 2050 Regional Meetings

The EMS Agenda 2050 team will host four public meetings throughout the U.S. where attendees will meet and discuss the future of EMS with the project’s Technical Expert Panel (TEP), a group of 10 individuals with wide-ranging and diverse experiences within EMS systems and healthcare organizations. During the meetings, participants will actively engage in conversations and critical thinking exercises to ensure that EMS Agenda 2050 establishes a vision that incorporates a wide range of perspectives.

Prior to the first regional meeting, EMS Agenda 2050 will release a strawman document as a conversation starter to spark thinking and dialogue about the future of EMS. “If you’ve wanted to have a voice in shaping the future of EMS systems, EMS providers’ role in the health and safety of patients, and more, this is your chance,” said Jon Krohmer, MD, Director of the Office of EMS at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). “The federal agencies supporting this effort hope these meetings generate great conversations that will drive the development of a new vision for the future of EMS.”

The regional meeting dates and locations are:

Pre-registration for the meetings is required. Visit the EMS Agenda 2050 website to register and for more detailed information, including meeting locations, times and hotel options.

In addition to the four regional meetings, many other opportunities exist to provide input and feedback. Suggestions and comments are always welcome via the project website. In addition, EMS Agenda 2050 will host webinars and conference listening sessions, and anyone is encouraged to reach out to members of the TEP or or organizational liaisons.