EMS Compass Initiative


EMS Compass Initiative

EMS Compass–www.emscompass.org–is an initiative funded by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Office of EMS and led by the National Association of State Emergency Medical Services Officials (NASEMSO).  The EMS Compass initiative will engage a wide range of EMS stakeholders to develop performance measures that are relevant to EMS agencies, regulators, and patients. The measures will be based on the latest version of the National EMS Information System (NEMSIS) version data and will allow local and state EMS agencies to use their own data meaningfully.

Ten (10) different webinars are scheduled next week (June 14-20, 2015) on the EMS Compass project. EMS Administrators and interested parties are strongly encouraged to review the list of these upcoming webinars and actively participate in this project.  To view the webinar schedule and/or register to attend one or more webinars, please visit the following page: http://www.emscompass.org/webinars/

Initiative Objectives
  • Develop a comprehensive list of measures with specific definitions for EMS to improve quality, support accountability, and enable comparison.
  • Use evidence-based recommendations and best practice data as the foundation of the development process.
  • Facilitate an inclusive development process that involves testing measures with EMS stakeholders under varying conditions.
  • Utilize data elements from the National Emergency Medical Services Information System (NEMSIS) Version 3 (“V3”) generation data whenever possible.
  • Develop a detailed performance measures “dictionary” document that includes data definitions, calculation methodology and guidance for data collection and analysis.
  • Draft, publish and disseminate a guide that details instructions for the practice of benchmarking.
  • Engage local, state, and national stakeholders throughout the development and testing process.
  • Draft and submit a strategy outlining the process by which a non-proprietary entity could fill the need to sponsor, coordinate, and enable collaboration around these new measures.
  • Design a continuous system to support updating and expanding the performance measures dictionary going forward.
  • Submit EMS Performance Measures to the National Quality Forum for review and approval.
Would you like to participate in EMS Compass?

The EMS Compass Initiative is seeking individuals who would like to volunteer on their various task forces.  Opportunities are available for EMS providers, medical directors and more.  For more information on how you can participate, click here.