Free NAEMT Recruitment Guide for EMS Agencies

In response to the ongoing, critical personnel shortages that our agencies are facing, NAEMT’s EMS Workforce Committee has collected some best practices and successful case studies of EMS agency recruitment strategies. Their work has been compiled into a new guide on Innovative Recruitment Strategies for EMS Agencies.
In this guide you will find:
1. Tips for starting a recruitment program.
2. Case studies on what’s worked for EMS agencies.
3. Practical advice on getting out the word about job openings and marketing your EMS agency using social media.

You can download a free copy of the guide here. We hope you find this guide useful for your agency. If you have questions or if you have other recruitment suggestions that you wish to share, please email us at advocacy@naemt.org.


Bruce Evans, MPA, NRP, CFO, SPO
NAEMT President