National EMS Safety Council Survey

In 2013, the National EMS Culture of Safety Strategy was published. The development of this document was funded by a NHTSA project grant to bring together the EMS stakeholder community to identify what constitutes a safe environment for EMS patients and practitioners; the challenges to achieving a safe EMS environment; and a strategy to overcome these challenges. The Strategy envisioned the establishment of a national level entity to coordinate national EMS safety efforts and serve as a repository for information, data and resources.

In 2015, several national EMS and safety organizations came together to establish a mechanism through which the recommendations contained in the National EMS Culture of Safety Strategy could be implemented.  These organizations established the National EMS Safety Council

The National EMS Safety Council (NEMSSC) is seeking the input of EMS professionals to assist in rating various EMS safety concerns.

We ask that you please take a few moments to provide your feedback in this brief yet very important polling process. To participate: