NEW CSEMS Protocols – In Your Hands

Protocols are important…but do you have the latest version? As our team continues the phased rollout of the new CSEMS Patient Care Protocols, we need your help to assure you are getting the latest information.

  • Please make sure your OEMS portal has the correct email address. Agencies are sending OEMS affiliation rosters, and we use this information to enroll providers in the protocol course. However, we have noticed that some of these email addresses are no longer valid, so please update your information and let your chief know!
  • Visit our protocol page at www.csems.org/protocols and see our videos on how to put the protocols on your devices. This works on Windows, iOS, and Android devices. We show you how to have the latest protocols at your fingertips, while still being able to access them offline. We encourage you to reference these as you go through the protocol orientation course. As you complete each section, read the protocols thoroughly, and let us know if you have questions or if your agency would like additional training on any topic. Need help with the technology to install on your device? No problem. Give us a call and we’ll help. You can also stop by the office or catch one of our staff in the field, and we can do it for you! Note: Practical portions of the protocol rollout will be handled at the agency level.
  • Stay engaged. Our Medical Control Review Committee (MCRC) meets quarterly, and we welcome any input or suggestions. This is where the magic happens, so be the change you want to see! Printed protocol books are a thing of the past. Now, changes can be made when the data suggests it, rather than having to wait for the next “revision.” Meetings are posted on our website and Facebook pages, and you can attend virtually.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you! We appreciate the many people across the region who assisted with the development of the protocols and instructional videos.