New Protocols Released for Preview – Implementation scheduled for Fall 2020

We are proud to introduce the brand new CSEMS Regional Protocols for preview. This preview period is an opportunity for providers to become familiar with the protocols before they are implemented this fall. Educational support will be provided before implementation, and is being developed over the next few months.

This document is not just a revision, but a major overhaul of the regional protocols.

This project has been an 8-month collaborative effort of an open protocol workgroup, overseen by the Medical Control Review Committee (MCRC). The MCRC is comprised of members of regional EMS agencies, hospitals, the Central Shenandoah Health District and Regional Medical Director. Each agency and hospital serving the region is able to appoint a member to the committee with each having a vote. The committee sought expert guidance from across the state on various protocols including Trauma Surgery, Interventional Neurology, Obstetrics/Gynecology and a burn specialist to establish the best practices for optimal patient outcomes. A Quick Reference of key changes can be reviewed HERE. The final document was approved by the MCRC on 6/29/2020.

Educational support and assistance will be provided before implementation.

Throughout this introductory period, we will provide educational support and assistance for providers, and encourage providers and agencies to ask any questions of the CSEMS staff or our regional Medical Director, Dr. Asher Brand.

We will continue to offer updates as just-in-time revisions so we will no longer “date” the protocols as specific editions. The protocols will be a live document with on-line and off-line access that will maintain currency, while noting revisions. We discourage printing the document for units as they could contain outdated information very quickly. We will provide guidance on placing the document on Toughbooks and mobile devices, assuring automatic changes and updates as they are implemented.

We appreciate your patience and understanding throughout the extended time period since the previous protocol release. We believe this new format will provide greater efficiency in consistent communication and adaptation to the ever changing education in the medical field, enabling our providers to deliver the most up-to-date and highest quality patient care.

CSEMS Approved Protocols for Fall 2020 (Implementation Date Pending)