OEMS Opens Special Call Education Coordinator Institute

Please see the following message from Greg Neiman, BLS Training Coordinator at the Virginia Office of EMS

In consultation with our IT folks, it appears we are still a few months away from full implementation of the mentorship process, primarily due to the internal testing that will be required.

As a result, the Office is going to initiate a Special Call EC Institute, one final Institute under the old process. To get this started, we have reopened the EC Candidate Application in the EMS Portal as of today.

We will accept the first 24 candidates that complete their application and testing process before October 31, 2017 for the Institute, set for December 9-13, in Chesterfield County. The Cognitive Exam will be the National Registry EMT Exam, and the Psychomotor will be taken at any CTS site in Virginia. The EC Candidate will be responsible for all fees associated with the NR Cognitive Exam and the CTS Exam. By going this route, we will be able to certify everyone as an EC in December without the mentorship piece.

[Interested candidates should] log into their EMS Portal and follow the link <My Tests & Eligibility> Selecting the option <Eligibility Letters> and then on the right side should be the option to <Submit EC Candidate Application>. They will need to submit a copy of their highest Education Diploma, a Letter from their EMS Agency attesting to the 3 years of certification and 2 years of verified EMS Experience, the OMD Endorsement and any additional Education (We are still honoring Fire Instructor and MEd for just the 2-day admin part)

Once the applications are complete and they are EC Candidates, they will need to register for the Cognitive and Psychomotor. They can be taken in any order. As applications are approved I will forward the Instructions on Registering and their EC-C Letter of Eligibility for the CTS.

As always, if there are any question regarding the EC Process, please forward them to my attention @ Gregory.Neiman@vdh.virginia.gov



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