Protocol Rollout Update

November 8, 2017


All Providers:


We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation for your patience as we have worked through our most recent technology challenges related to our Learning Management System.  We believe that we have found the right combination of changes and adjustments to permit us to complete the protocol rollout.

As mentioned in the Council President’s letter dated November 2, 2017, we discovered that there were significant issues with the Moodle system and server configuration that caused the entire program to run at glacial speeds.  After working with our internal IT support staff and several software and hardware vendors we believe that we have a solution that will allow us to support the existing system.

Effective November 8th, 2017 we will be opening up the Learning Management System to all providers to permit them to complete the Protocol update. The link is located at the bottom of our website and provided it here  There are some minor changes in appearance and think everyone will be pleased with the speed. If you currently have an account with the Learning Hub you will not need to request another account.   Dr. Brand has requested that all providers complete the protocol rollout by December 1, 2017.

As a result of the numerous issues that we have experienced, we are also providing Train-the-Trainer sessions for agencies, as well as face to face training classes for any organization who requests it.

Moving forward, we will be evaluating several other LMS products to choose a longer term solution that will enable us to better serve the Region.

Thank you again for the continued understanding and support during this process, as we are working as quickly as possible to provide a solution that will enable everyone to complete the protocol rollout.

If you have any issues, or difficulties please contact Council office for assistance.

Many Thanks


Ed Moreland

Executive Director