Sentara RMH

ED Visitation

Effective 12-29-21 at 1900

​ED will be returning to No Visitors for all patients except for 

  • Patients with altered mental status, developmental delays may have 1 visitor
  • Minors under the age of 18 may have 1 visitor, either a parent or a guardian
  • Patients who are critically ill or critically injured may have 1 visitor

The Pivot Nurse and/or Tech will be responsible for obtaining an updated phone number for next of kin and adding to chart.  There will be a flyer to be given to visitors on their arrival with updated visitor information which includes that either the patient or family will need to choose 1 representative to receive information regarding patient. Primary nurse will be responsible for contacting patient representative when testing is complete and disposition has been given.

Heather D Lam, BSN, RN

ED Team Coordinator

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