Tips for Making Quality Award Nominations Easy – Regional EMS Awards Nomination Deadline June 1, 2020

Tips for Writing Quality Award Nominations

There are always fewer awards than people who deserve them. We ask that you recognize and nominate those that you believe truly do. It is National Nurses Week, May 6-12, and EMS Week 2020 is quickly approaching, May 17-23, 2020. The perfect way and time to recognize someone in EMS!

Think of those who are:

  • Passionate about volunteering
  • Known for their initiative, leadership and dedication
  • Respected by their peers, perhaps a role model
  • Made a difference in someone’s life. Especially those that may be often overlooked or alone.
  • Someone that you can always count on to be there, wherever and whatever it happens to be.
  • Shown innovative or creative new solutions to common struggles

Tips for submitting nominations easier:

  • Don’t Wait Until Last Minute  Don’t wait to enter your nomination the day it’s due. You may need time to gather nominee information.
    A relaxed schedule, without a looming deadline makes it much easier.
  • Avoid Elaborate Vocabulary  Don’t worry about using “fancy” wording. Feel free to use bulleted lists when appropriate.
  • Provide Examples Indicate any extraordinary circumstances or challenges the nominee faced. Describe the amount of time and dedication spent by the nominee.
  • Group-Written Nomination Don’t avoid submitting a nomination because of the fear of not knowing what to say. Write one together with other co-workers and share ideas. Writing the nomination can be much easier and perhaps more thorough.
  • Review Your Nomination Verify the accuracy of all information in the nomination. Confirm application is complete before submitting.
  • Ask for Help CSEMS staff are happy to assist with brainstorming and formatting and proofreading.

Regional EMS Awards Online Nomination Forms – Now you can submit your nomination online! If you would like to submit a paper form, downloadable nomination forms are also available.

2020 Regional EMS Awards Online Nomination Forms

Post expires at 9:00am on Tuesday June 2nd, 2020