American Heart Association 2015 Guidelines FAQ’s

Why can I no longer find a BLS for Healthcare Provider CPR course?

The instructor-led BLS Course has been updated to meet the recommendations in the 2015 AHA Guidelines Update for CPR and ECC.  The AHA has developed new BLS course materials that will aid in providing quality and consistency in all BLS courses.

The new BLS Course replaces the BLS for Healthcare Providers (BLS HCP) and BLS for Prehospital Providers (BLS PHP) courses.

What will my new BLS Provider card look like?

The new BLS Provider American Heart Association cards will look like this:


My employer is demanding that I provide them with a card that says “Healthcare Provider”, what can I do to provide to them that my new card is the correct one?

If your employer is questioning your new BLS Provider card, you can download this following AHA document top provide to your employer.

2016 Instructor-Led Basic Life Support Course Memo (91 KiB)



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