National Registry Recertification

On October 1, 2016, National Registry released their 2016 NCCP requirements that are required for providers who maintain both their Virginia and National Registry certifications. Remember, Virginia certification is required to practice in the state while keeping National Registry certification is optional. If recertifying your NR and/or Virginia in 2017 or 2018, you will continue to use the 2012 NCCP recertification hours.

To meet this new distribution of hours, on April 4, 2017, Continuing Education Requirements will change for EMS providers who certified or recertified on or after October 1, 2016 in Virginia. There is no change in the total number of hours needed for each level or in the number of category 1 hours, just a redistribution of the hours in the Category 1 requirements.

For those who were certified/recertified prior to October 1, 2016, you will see no change in your CE hours until your next certification is issued.

For those impacted by this change, all current CE hours credited since October 1, 2017 will be distributed according to the new area requirements. Please review the CE hour requirements documents available below.

If you have questions, please contact one of the Council’s educators.  Their contact information can be found by clicking here.

Virginia/NREMT CE Hour Requirement Downloads