URGENT: CSEMS Drug Box Decontamination Process Adherence

All EMS providers must adhere to CSEMS current Drug Box Decontamination ProcessFailure to properly decontaminate drug boxes may result in a shortage! We currently have nine (9) drug boxes on a 7-day quarantine.

Paperwork Must be Included Documenting that Box has Been Properly Decontaminated by the EMS Crew

Hospitals are reporting contaminated boxes being turned in for exchange. For suspected COVID patients, or if unknown, the pharmacies are required to remove those boxes from rotation and are unavailable during quarantine for 4-7 days (depending on policy) unless there is documentation that the box has been properly decontaminated by the EMS crew. Decontaminated boxes should not be placed in plastic bags. Contaminated boxes will be returned to the agency for proper decontamination after the quarantine period.

Drug Box Decontamination Process for CSEMS

Please refer to the following Files for the current CSEMS Drug Box decontamination process. If you have any questions, please contact us at csems@vaems.org

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