Urgent Reminder: Expired Drug Box Exchanges During Pharmacy Hours – NOT Weekends

Urgent Reminder

Expired Drug Box Exchanges – Monday through Thursday ONLY

This is an urgent reminder that due to the risk of running out of drug boxes available for exchange, expired drug box exchanges must be made during regular hospital pharmacy operating hours, Monday through Thursday. Pharmacies are closed and cannot accept expired boxes on Fridays and weekends.

Keep in mind the longer the drug box is out of date, the more replacement supplies it will require. Requesting expired box exchanges throughout the month as drugs expire, helps the pharmacy manage drug box supplies, ensuring sufficient inventory as needed. This will also assist in avoiding providers and agencies regulatory citations.

When a box is expiring, it needs to be brought in before Friday, or wait until Monday.  Providers can still exchange boxes on the weekend as they are used. Pharmacies are trying to avoid excessive exchange requests at the end of the month, on a weekend because of expiring drugs.

Post expires at 9:00am on Wednesday September 30th, 2020