UVA Cardiac Cath Lab Opening January 6, 2020 – Update

Update Announcement from James True AAS, NRP, FPC, EMS Liaison, Education Coordinator, UVA Prehospital Program

Good afternoon all,

As we move forward with continued openings in the new hospital tower here is the next important update.  The Cardiac Cath lab is schedule to open January 6th at 0700.  The plan is to have all cath cardiac moved over by 1000 on that day.  Please be flexible with cath lab patients that morning as we facilitate the move to a new location. 

Another large change besides location of the new OR’s and Cath Lab’s is the integration of sterile environment behind the red sterile barriers. Currently entrance into the cath lab area will require a sterile jump suit that is provided.  We understand that this might create some difficulties in the hand off of care.  We are currently exploring other options to assist in a better hand off of STEMI patients going to the Cath lab. 

We want to thank each and every one of your departments and team members as we continue to move units.

In preparation for the January 6 Cardiac Catheterization Lab move to the south tower of the University Hospital Expansion (UHE):

  • Lab D will become the primary after-hours STEMI lab beginning 1/6.
  • CCL shift manager will specify the lab location during daily operations
  • D lab Phone # 2-0976
  • STEMI labels will print in the shift manager’s office (new STEMI printer is HPO113, IP
  • To align with OR practices, protective covering (bunny suit and head covers) will be required at all times when entering the lab area.
  • Item: 91676 – Protective Coveralls

New routes:

  • ED/EMS: South tower elevators to 2 floor (see attached maps)
  • Inpatient units: East or west elevators to 2nd floor through EP (brown doors at end of east hallway) to south tower